Thea Van Syoc, 88 Tactical Instructor

New Women’s Only Handgun Class

Thea Van Syoc is a highly skilled and experienced firearms instructor at 88 Tactical who has been teaching professionally for close to four years. Her passion for shooting started when she watched a female professional shooter on YouTube, and she was further inspired to teach by her first concealed handgun instructor who was also a woman. Thea has held Instructor certifications from both the USCCA and the NRA and is the Female Firearms Instructor at 88 Tactical. As a woman, Thea understands how intimidating it can be to take classes, especially since the majority of classes are male-dominated. 

Thea is recognized in the national shooting community as a skilled shooter and instructor, and she loves to watch her students progress. It is a very rewarding experience for her to be able to educate people on such a vital skill. For that reason, she has created a women’s only handgun class that provides a judgment-free environment for women to learn and progress their shooting ability. 

“I designed the Women’s Practical Handgun class to help women overcome any intimidation they may feel around firearms and self-defense,” explains Thea. “I believe that with the right instruction, anyone can become proficient in shooting a handgun, regardless of their gender or experience level. My goal is to empower women to take their self-defense into their own hands and feel confident in their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

The women’s only handgun class covers a range of topics including basic shooting fundamentals like grip, stance, sight picture, and trigger control. Students also learn how to perform basic handgun manipulations such as malfunction clearances and reloads. The women in the class will also get to work on their draws from concealment under the stress of a timer and discuss various carry options. 

The class is designed to be fun and interactive, with hands-on activities and discussions. Thea is patient and experienced, providing a supportive environment where women can ask questions and learn at their own pace without feeling intimidated. 

This class is an excellent opportunity for women who want to learn how to shoot a handgun safely and confidently. It provides a supportive environment where women can build their skills and knowledge without fear of judgment. Whether you are new to shooting or have some experience, Thea’s class is an excellent way to improve your shooting ability and build your confidence in self-defense. 

Thea Van Syoc’s women’s only handgun class is a fantastic example of how women can take control of their self-defense and learn how to shoot a handgun confidently. Her passion for teaching and dedication to creating a judgment-free atmosphere is truly inspiring. We hope that her class will continue to inspire other women to take up shooting and self-defense and be a valuable resource for years to come. 

Learn more on the Women’s Practical Handgun training page or enroll today!