black and white photo of man holding handgun in holster

Responsible Permit-Less Armed Citizens

At 88 Tactical, we strongly support the human right to self-defense and the ability to carry a firearm constitutionally. With this right comes the responsibility to be trained and capable in the practical application of legal self-defense.

We have found that many individuals lack the basic knowledge and ability to use a weapon safely and effectively in self-defense. Additionally, many have dangerous assumptions and have been given unprofessional advice that can put innocents at risk. Therefore, we encourage all citizens exercising their right to carry a firearm to seek out training and education to improve their safety and the safety of those around them. This training should start with our comprehensive concealed carry permit course to give citizens the basics of firearms safety and storage, the legalities of carrying a concealed firearm, self-defense law, use of force decision-making, awareness, de-escalation, and self-defense tactics, followed by continuous training in our defensive handgun courses and our scenario-based and situational training courses.

It’s important to note that 88 Tactical is not responsible for making laws or giving legal advice. Instead, individuals should stay updated on the laws and regulations by going directly to the source and seeking legal counsel to clarify and answer any questions.

Training in use of force decision-making and effectively using a handgun in a realistic situation is vastly different from standard range shooting,” explains Trevor Thrasher, Partner & Director of Training at 88 Tactical. “Self-defense training requires training with qualified and experienced instructors who can provide a comprehensive understanding of situational awareness, decision-making, realistic tactics, performance under stress, and effective use of force. Acquiring a permit to carry may allow reciprocal carry in states that honor Nebraska’s permit but do not allow constitutional carry and may provide for other benefits. These benefits have not yet been clarified.”

For individuals who don’t intend to carry firearms in public, we encourage them to consider getting the same training as permit holders. This training provides valuable knowledge on gun safety, self-defense, and the law that can be applied in various situations, such as home defense.

On May 23rd and May 30th, 88 Tactical will be offering a Nebraska Permit-Less Carry training course FREE OF CHARGE to the community. This course provides students with a comprehensive training on situational awareness and the legal and ethical considerations involved in using a firearm for self-defense. We also cover the specific regulations for Permit-Less Carry in the State of Nebraska. Limited spots are available, so we encourage students to enroll before it’s too late. Learn more about this opportunity on the Nebraska Permit-Less Carry training page. Ready to reserve your spot? Enroll now.

Given the increasing number of people carrying firearms, the ability to remove oneself from a situation, de-escalate a potentially violent encounter, or, if necessary, defend oneself appropriately is more critical than ever. We believe that proper training to demonstrate capability, confidence, and responsibility is essential for anyone who wishes to exercise their constitutional right to carry a firearm.