Roots in the Law Enforcement Community

88 Tactical’s Roots in the Law Enforcement Community are Feeding Explosive Growth

88 Tactical’s roots in the law enforcement community are feeding incredible growth over the last few years have been transformative. While we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of our business, most people see the building here locally but don’t necessarily know what 88 Tactical has been doing on a national level. While we’re putting nearly 200 new students per week through firearm and self-defense classes at our headquarters in Omaha, the 88 Tactical Mobile Training Team is traveling the country teaching law enforcement, military, and government clients. We also regularly host LE/MIL training at our outdoor Tekamah facility.

88 Tactical’s Roots in the Law Enforcement Community are Feeding Explosive Growth

88 Tactical instructors have taught our widely renowned curriculum to hundreds of groups, departments, and agencies including the NYPD, US Marshal Service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, DEA, ATF, US Special Forces Groups, Homeland Security, and ICE. Our LE/MIL training is comprised of both open enrollment classes for qualified professionals and private contracts.


88 Tactical flew out and conducted a 4-day training focusing on entry and movement tactics with my team. I first learned of 88 Tactical a year and half prior while sitting in on a short seminar at NTOA in Milwaukee. I appreciated the psychological and physiological thought that went into why humans react the way they do under stress and hostile encounters. This paired nicely with 88 Tactical’s methodology on clearing movements.

The training they presented was clear, concise and based on the studies completed, videos incorporated and experience from the instructors, team members were able to trust and buy into the training topic. The entire team collectively thought the training was extremely valuable and progressive.

– Lieutenant from Fairfield Police Department

Law Enforcement Owned & Operated

As law enforcement owned and operated company, 88 Tactical got its start in the LE/MIL community before expanding into civilian training. Several things make 88 Tactical unique, but at the top of the list is our cutting-edge curriculum and expert instructor cadre. We recruit and retain the industry’s most experienced instructors from the special operations military, law enforcement, and fire and rescue – many of whom continue to serve today. 88 Tactical’s Senior Instructors have over 200 years of combined law enforcement and military service.

For curriculum development, Shea partnered with long-time friend Trevor Thrasher, a tenured law enforcement officer and combat veteran Army Green Beret. He has a nearly unmatched breadth of experience in the military, law enforcement, and civilian security fields. Trevor’s work has been published in law enforcement publications and is regarded as an expert witness for use of force legal cases. He has also worked private protection details for top executives and government officials.


I thought Dustin and Jim were top notch instructors and the training itself was incredible. I have 10 years law enforcement experience and 4 years of combat arms military prior to that. And am one of the primary firearms/tactics instructors for my department. I am sent to more than my fair share of training courses to stay current and bring back what think has merit. Also, I can tell you that after having gone through this course, I truly feel exponentially more prepared to win a traffic stop gun fight than I ever did before. Additionally, I think the concepts go well beyond traffic stops, and will keep officers safe in a variety of situations. I can’t wait to break this down for my department. I think it will keep officers alive.

– Officer from Findlay Police Department

Leaders in the Training Industry

88 Tactical’s training is in high demand across the country and is regarded by police departments, military groups, and government agencies as top tier. Our expert instructors have spent years training thousands of officers, agents, and military professionals. Our behavior-based training has been proven through science, the observation of thousands of real-world videos, and through historical application in both the law enforcement and military environments.  88 Tactical has been asked to present this material at nearly every major tactical officer’s association including the NTOA, OTOA, and SOTA Conferences, and it is the approved system used by several law enforcement state agencies.


Deputy United States Marshal

My team and I participated in a 4-day course at 88 Tactical’s Tekamah facility that included long range rifle, urban operations and vehicle CQB. All 3 training tracks were taught by instructors who were personable, knowledgeable, and above all, professional. The training level was commensurate with our teams skill and even encouraged us to train just outside of our comfort zone in an effort to be better.

The days schedules were packed with instruction and scenarios that simulated real world situations and encouraged a team mentality. One of the aspects of the instructor cadre that I appreciated the most was they did not seem to be under any time constraint. What I mean by that is, the day was done, when the training was done, and not when the clock struck 5. Their commitment to teaching and passing their knowledge is one of the main reasons I would recommend 88 Tactical to anyone who is looking to get the most out of the training they are paying for.


A few of 88 Tactical’s most popular courses include High Threat CQB, Rural Ops, High Threat Vehicle Engagements, and Active Killer Interdiction. Law enforcement and government clients can request customized courses and tailor the training to meet their specific requirements.

88 Tactical Publicity

Our training, instructors, and facilities have been featured in over 70 local and national news articles, magazines, and blog posts since 2012.

88 Tactical’s High Threat CQB Methodology Brings a Dose of Reality to the Training Industry

By: Michael Kurcina, Spotter Up

OMAHA, Neb. –  88 Tactical’s High Threat Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training is being adopted by an increasing number of law enforcement departments, federal teams, state-level basic training academies, tactical training organizations, and specialized military units across the country.

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Law Enforcement Training in Tekamah

By: Rachel Urbanski, WOWT Channel 6 News

Law enforcement agencies from all over the country trained in Tekamah Thursday night. Agencies ranged from Homeland Security and other federal agents to deputies from Louisiana. They all participated in a high threat vehicle engagement class.

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High Threat Vehicle Engagements

By: Dave Timm, Guns & Tactics

For as often as law enforcement officers conduct activity around vehicles, one would think that the training related to such occurs all of the time. The sad reality is tactics around, especially involving the use of firearms, is a limited training topic.

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