House Rules

Welcome to the Knock & Talk, an exclusive speakeasy experience nestled within our prestigious facility. The Knock & Talk is a place of elegance and relaxation for our esteemed members. The following outline the house rules that ensure a unique and safe experience for everyone.

Operating Hours

  • Open Tuesday through Saturday from 4:00pm to 10:00pm.

Access Requirements

  • Access is exclusive to Executive, Senior Executive, RESERVE, and All-Inclusive members.
  • Entry is through the 1867 Cigar Shop, located near the Founders Club Host Stand. Members must use their badges for entry.
  • The exit is located adjacent to the bar, closest to the upstairs shooting ranges.
  • The Knock & Talk will verify ID prior to entry and is restricted to members and guests that are 21 and over.


  • We encourage reservations for all party sizes, made by emailing
  • Individuals will receive a booking confirmation via email once the reservation is made.
  • Each reservation is allotted a 2-hour block. If the Knock & Talk is not at capacity, members are allowed to stay longer.
  • Parties of 5 or more must make a reservation, and those with 10 or more should coordinate through our Events Department by emailing
  • For exclusive event bookings outside of regular hours, please contact the Events Department at

Guest Policy

  • Each badge holder can bring up to 3 guests (a total of 4 people per badge).
  • Parties over 4 people require a reservation.

Dress Code

  • The Knock & Talk has established a Smart Casual dress code policy.
  • Smart Casual attire is a dress code that combines well-fitting, polished business wear with elements of casual attire.
  • The dress code will be enforced at all times.

Firearms Policy

  • Firearms are strictly prohibited inside Knock & Talk.
  • All firearms must be stored in the Gun Valets or secured in vehicles.

COST+ Pricing

  • Eligible members with a badge on their account will receive COST+ pricing on all menu items.
  • The badge holder must pay the entire check (no splitting of checks).
  • If a member loses or forgets their badge, please visit the Membership Desk in the lobby of the Members Entrance.
  • All guests must have guest badges on their person throughout the visit.

Cigar Policy

  • Cigars are not permitted inside Knock & Talk.
  • Cigars are available for purchase at 1867 Cigar Shop but must be enjoyed on the outdoor patio.
  • If you wish to enjoy a cigar, please do so before getting to a table at the Knock & Talk or close your tab and enjoy it afterward. Our staff will gladly deliver any beverages out to you on the patio.
  • No beverages are to be transported outside of the Knock & Talk space.


  • Seating and furniture layout changes are to be performed by Knock & Talk staff only.
  • Members and Guests are required to wear their guest badge throughout their entire visit to the facility.