Supporting Rejuvenating Women at CenterSphere Golf Outing

On Wednesday, July 26th, 88 Tactical proudly participated in the CenterSphere Golf Outing, an event organized to benefit Rejuvenating Women, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hope and restoration to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Nebraska and beyond. Participating in this event offered us an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow community business owners. It is through gatherings like this that we can forge stronger relationships and work towards enhancing our community.

We are delighted to have joined fellow community business owners at the CenterSphere Golf Outing,” said Jeff Hoggan, 88 Tactical VP of Corporate Development. “It was a fantastic day of connection, support, and fun, all in the spirit of backing the wonderful work done by the Rejuvenating Women nonprofit. Looking forward to more such impactful events in the future!

By standing united for a common cause, businesses can create a positive impact and work towards enhancing our community’s well-being. Rejuvenating Women’s commitment to helping survivors of human trafficking further highlights the importance of supporting nonprofits that are making a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals.

Thank you to the organizers of the CenterSphere Golf Outing for hosting such an impactful day. We eagerly look forward to continuing our support and engagement in the years to come.

To learn more about this event, visit the CenterSphere Golf Outing event page.

About Rejuvenating Women
Rejuvenating Women is a nonprofit organization committed to providing hope and restoration to individuals who have been trafficked and sexually exploited in Nebraska and throughout the country. They empower survivors of human trafficking to lead healthy and independent lives. Rejuvenating Women assists in the prevention of future human trafficking by providing a trauma-informed short and long-term term housing recovery program while helping to restore their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

To learn more about this amazing nonprofit, visit the Rejuvenating Women website.