Active Threat Seminar

Business Presentation

Active Threat Seminar - Business Presentation

For most people, the idea of suddenly being confronted by a lone actor or terrorist bent on mass murder is unfathomable. 88 Tactical offers multiple levels of Active Threat training. You will be provided with strategies on how to react and defend in an active killer situation, whether you are armed or not.

Active Threat Seminar

Active Threat Seminar is a 90-minute presentation. This will give you the foundation to consider an active shooter protocol in your workplace.

  • Mindsets that help or hinder
  • Identifying active threats in the workplace
  • Basic “run, hide, fight” responses
  • “Tactical Two’s” to consider in any environment
  • Room defense
  • Basic medical aid

Rate – $500-$1500

*The rate is based on the number of attendees. If your business or group wants to host an Active Threat Seminar, please contact Kurt Sorys at 402-933-7171 ext. 102 or

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