Knife defense course - Edged Weapons Combatives

Edged weapons combatives training is specifically designed to teach individuals how to effectively defend themselves in close-quarter situations where they may be facing an attacker. This training is useful for individuals who carry a knife for self-defense or other purposes, as it can provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively use their weapon in a dangerous situation.

In addition to learning specific techniques for using an edged weapon in self-defense, students may also learn about other important aspects of knife self-defense, such as selecting the right knife, carrying methods that allow for quick and easy access to the weapon, and mental conditioning techniques that can help them remain calm and focused in a violent encounter, and Nebraska state law.

The use of a knife in self-defense should always be a last resort and should only be employed in situations where there is a real threat of serious bodily harm or death.

  • Selection of EDC knife, brands, knife metal types, fixed, folding, auto, assisted, blade type, and length.
  • Blade types and nomenclature of a knife.
  • Where to carry, IWB, pocket, horizontal back, boot, inner pocket, or second knife.
  • Nebraska laws on knives.
  • Presentation of the knife, display for deterrence vs. concealed.
  • Overt vs. Covert. Compliance to gain a tactical advantage, opening a window of opportunity.
  • Basic grips and stances.
  • How to execute basic knife defensive cuts, slashes, and thrusts.
  • Athletic-type clothing and shoes
  • Training knife (optional)
  • Carrying knife & holder (won’t use in class)