Basic Edged Weapon Tactics

Do you carry a knife daily? If you were suddenly assaulted and the attack turned into a fight for your life, how would you respond if the only weapon you had at your disposal was a pocket knife? Have you ever thought about having to use it to protect yourself to repel a deadly attack? Have you ever taken a basic edged weapon training course to do it?

This Basic Edged Weapon Tactics course will provide you with the mental conditioning for violent encounters, how to deploy your live blade under simulated duress, how to execute defensive cuts to enable escape, simple and effective unarmed combative skills, snap cuts, slashes, and thrusts, bio-mechanical cutting methods, and covert deployment methods.

This is not a “knife on knife” fighting or martial arts cultivation course. This is a practical, easily learned and maintained knife deployment system for “in-extremis” encounters.

  • Folding knife with pocket clip and/or a fixed blade with a sheath
  • Eye protection, groin protection, mouth piece
  • Comfortable clothes to include pants with front pockets for clipping a knife, an additional white t-shirt for training
  • Training knife replica (optional)
  • Football style forearm guards (optional)

The student or parent/legal guardian signing the waiver must have a valid government issued I.D.