Active Threat Response - Unarmed course

Active Threat Response – Unarmed Strategies introduces students to the realities of an active shooter event, and teaches unarmed defensive techniques. In this two-hour course, you will be introduced to the planning, tools, and skills needed to survive and prevail in an active threat situation in a variety of environments. Training starts with an overview lecture on mindset, awareness, tactics, and incident review, then moves to hands-on training teaching elements of securing, alerting, aiding, fighting, and escaping. Training will be slightly physical, but activities can be adjusted for participants as needed.

  • Developing a prevailing mindset
  • Avoiding the three things that victims say
  • Understanding the “Survival Seven” keys to an effective defense
  • Spotting a threat pre-incident or at the early stages of the attack
  • Correctly utilizing securing, alerting, aiding, fighting, and escape options
  • Barricading doors
  • Hasty and ready-made tourniquet application
  • Using improvised weapons including fire extinguishers
  • Defending a room as a group
  • Disarming an attacker
  • Dealing with police arrival

Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and tennis shoes.

Minimum age of 13.