School Safe Course

School Safe is a 2.5-hour safety course designed to prepare today’s youth for today’s problems, specifically involving violence in schools. Unfortunately, schools cannot guarantee the children’s safety. Parents must help protect and prepare their kids by training them in the basics of Evading, Barricading, and Defending in a school environment.

This course starts with a presentation and quickly goes hands-on for practical application of skills learned. After attending this course, your child will be safer in school, because they will gain the knowledge and skills to handle active threat events. This is also a great course for a whole family to attend. For adults, we also have a series of Active Killer Response courses.

  • Mindset
  • Spotting trouble early
  • The basics of response to an active threat
  • Evading
  • Barricading a classroom
  • Defending as a team
  • Intro to medical care
  • How to deal with the police
  • How to talk to your teacher about classroom safety

Comfortable gym or workout attire.

Minimum age of 10 (parent or legal guardian must attend the class with students under the age of 12).