88 Tactical – Knocking on Doors Explosively

88 Tactical – Knocking on Doors Explosively

By: Jake “Slim” Call, Breach-Bang-Clear

In 88 Tactical’s neverending quest to expand the variety of courses they offer, it looks like explosive breaching is coming. It’s like Nicky Nicky Nine Doors on meth dens. Here’s what they had to say about the Tactical Energetic Entry Systems Explosive Handlers & Breaching Course.

We’re honored to announce a training partnership with Tactical Energetic Entry Systems, LLC (TEES). 88 Tactical will host TEES Explosive Handlers & Breaching courses at the Tekamah Training Facility. TEES is best known for pioneering the development of explosive breaching – formerly only used at the highest levels of Military Special Operations.

88 Tactical Military Specials Operations

TEES has enjoyed over 25 years of success training military and law enforcement personnel in explosive breaching techniques, as well as a variety of other special operations skills. These classes will be an incredible asset for our LE/MIL students. The first Explosive Handlers & Breaching Course is scheduled for August 21-25, 2017. Click here for course details.

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