Expert-Driven Urban Safety Training for the Workplace

Recognizing the urgent need to bridge the gap between workplace safety and employee confidence, Grey Group introduces “Street S.M.A.A.R.T.S.” This dynamic program equips businesses and groups with the essential tools to navigate the challenges of our declining urban environment with confidence and resilience.

Grey Group’s Street S.M.A.A.R.T.S program, an acronym for “Synergistic, Mindset, Awareness, Avoidance, Readiness, Tactics, and Skill,” heralds a new era in workplace safety education. Rooted in the belief that everyone deserves to feel safe and empowered in their environment, Street S.M.A.A.R.T.S offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip employees with essential safety knowledge and tools to boost their confidence and empower them to navigate urban challenges effectively.

According to the 2022 National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), over 60% of crimes went unreported to the police. Between 2019 and 2022, reported violent victimizations increased by 14%. Excluding simple assaults, the rise was 37%. The number of individuals affected by violent crime increased from 3.1 million to 3.5 million, and property crime rates in urban areas grew by 15%.

Program Offering

At the heart of Street S.M.A.A.R.T.S lies a multifaceted curriculum tailored to address the diverse needs of professionals navigating urban landscapes. This dynamic program includes the following:

  1. Seminar: Available in person, remotely, or online, this seminar is designed to systematically develop your employees’ mindsets, awareness, and avoidance capabilities.
  2. Safety Tools: Grey Group has teamed up with the Swedish company Plegium to offer wearable alert buttons that swiftly notify a preset contact list about emergencies, easily integrating with smartphones and being cost-effective.
  3. Route Reconnaissance & Risk Assessment: Grey Group expert field agents can assess employees’ commuting routes during critical times and offer practical mitigation strategies to enhance the safety of their daily commutes.
  4. Advanced Hands-On Training: Tailored for key personnel, this training extends beyond the seminar, incorporating physical self-defense techniques and the use of emergency devices tailored to the specific needs and risks identified in the preliminary assessment.
  5. Ongoing Training & Updates: Subscribers to the Grey Group training newsletter receive monthly updates that include incident reviews, educational articles, how-to videos, and access to specialized training content.

Only 43% of employees trust their organization's leaders to act in their best interest, while 40% of remote employees feel disconnected from the workplace.

Benefits to Organizations

Street S.M.A.A.R.T.S provides organizations with several benefits including:

  • Prioritizing Employee Well-Being & Safety: Creating a secure environment where employees feel protected from urban dangers is vital.
  • Boosting Productivity Through Security: A workforce confident in their personal safety enhances performance and operational efficiency across the board.
  • Building a Stronger Brand: Leaders bolster their brand by showing a steadfast commitment to employee safety and well-being.
  • Mitigating Risks & Reducing Liability: Comprehensive safety training equips employees to effectively navigate challenges, reducing company liability.

Program Developer

As 88 Tactical’s Director of Training, Trevor Thrasher develops innovative curricula that integrate tactics with human factors in high-stress situations, benefiting everyday citizens and first responders alike. He is a seasoned combat veteran and retired U.S. Army Green Beret with over 30 years of experience in military special operations, law enforcement, and government agency assignments in high-risk environments. He has served as a Master Sergeant in the 19th Special Forces Group, leading combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, where he trained and advised national commando units.

Grey Group’s Street S.M.A.A.R.T.S program leverages Trevor’s decades of experience dealing with criminals, terrorists, and diverse high-stress situations. His unique insights, background, and firsthand knowledge are woven into the curriculum, empowering workforces with the skills and confidence to navigate urban environments effectively. This unparalleled expertise ensures that the program is not only comprehensive but also highly effective in preparing individuals for real-world challenges.

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