88 Tactical opens amid CCW, training needs

By: Jake Wasikowski, KMTV Channel 3

Sarpy County, NE (KMTV) — – The growing demand for conceal carry permits is a boon for one local business.  88 Tactical opens their brand new headquarters off I-80 and Highway 370 on Thursday.  They say the demand for what they offer is driving their vision.

The new 27,000 square foot 88 Tactical headquarters is a comprehensive facility for weapons training and preparing to respond in potentially dangerous and life or death situations.  There are 20 shooting ranges, a 3,000 square foot simulation area, private founder’s club, classrooms and a 70-foot repelling tower.  It’s now open to the public and members.

Their motto; “Those who respond, prevail” and they’ve responded to the call.  88 Tactical says that the demand for concealed carry is ultimately one of the major reasons that they wanted to build this facility.

“I think we’ve learned some of the hard lessons, and Katrina was a big one, and then recently there’s a lot of active shooting events where people realize that law enforcement doesn’t get there in time often or they’re not going to help them at all,” said Trevor Thrasher, COO of 88 Tactical.

Kevin Hansen of Gretna is excited for a chance to get on the 88 Tactical firing range.  He says he and his wife will be getting their concealed carry permits.

“You got a fire extinguisher but it’s at home you know? So if you run into a fire you never know. You hope it never happens but if you need one, you need one for personal protection,” Hansen explained.

The facility also offers a number of different classes like self defense, anti-bullying, repelling, and weapons training,

The range will be open to the public starting Friday.

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