88 Tactical Participates in Community Safety Day

At the heart of every thriving community lies a shared commitment to safety and well-being. On Saturday, August 12th, 88 Tactical had the honor of being part of the 2023 Community Safety Day. Hosted by the Bobby Byars Foundation, an organization with an unwavering mission to uplift underserved communities through programs and activities, Community Safety Day is an innovative initiative that holds the potential to change lives and fortify bonds.

Empowering Communities Through Awareness

At its core, Community Safety Day is a platform that seeks to raise awareness about safety guidelines spanning across homes, roads, human health, the environment, and the safety of our children. The event’s multifaceted goals include rekindling the public’s commitment to safeguarding their homes and surroundings, illuminating safety protocols that can avert accidents and loss, and shining a spotlight on both community members and organizations that actively champion the cause of safety.

A Beacon of Assistance & Preparation

Community Safety Day leaves an indelible mark of preparedness and support. Hundreds of families were provided with safety kits comprised of items designed to foster a sense of security and preparedness. From a First Aid Kit and medication diffuser to hand sanitizer, bottled water, stress balls, masks, home safety literature, safety coloring books, and OPPD night lights, the contents of these kits were carefully selected to address a spectrum of safety concerns.

88 Tactical's Grateful Participation

For 88 Tactical, being part of the 2023 Community Safety Day was a privilege and an opportunity to contribute to the greater good. Our alignment with the event’s values underscores our commitment to fostering community connections and nurturing a culture of safety and preparedness.

For more information about the Bobby Byars Foundation and their impactful work, please visit the Bobby Byars Foundation website. We encourage you to explore their endeavors and join hands in making a difference.