88 Tactical’s Back to School Defense Program

The start of a new academic year is a time of excitement and anticipation for students and their families. However, amidst the joy, it’s crucial to address the need for safety and preparedness in the school environment. Recognizing this, we are pleased to introduce our comprehensive Back to School Defense Program, designed to empower students and young adults with the skills and knowledge to navigate their educational journey confidently. Our priority is to ensure a secure and successful academic year for all, by prioritizing personal safety and proactive preparation.

The transition back to school involves more than just academic preparation. Our program emphasizes the significance of personal safety in educational settings and equips individuals with tools to effectively respond to potential risks. By enrolling in our safety training courses, students and parents can actively contribute to a secure learning environment.

Start the academic year with confidence by enrolling in the following safety training courses that are part of our Back to School Defense Program, going on now through the end of September.

School Safe

In an era where safety concerns in schools are a reality, our School Safe course addresses the need for preparedness during active threat events. Students will gain valuable knowledge and skills to handle violence in schools, fostering a sense of confidence and empowerment.

Women's Defense

Empowering young women with self-defense skills is a vital aspect of our program. Led by a skilled female Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, this course focuses on neutralizing unwanted attacks and defending against common forms of physical assault. This training not only enhances physical preparedness but also boosts self-confidence.

Women's Intro to Handgun

Acknowledging the importance of personal protection, our women-only handgun course offers a safe and judgment-free space for new shooters to learn about the use, storage, and operation of handguns. Led by a female instructor, this course empowers participants to take control of their personal safety.

Basic Primal Defense

Effective conflict resolution and situational awareness are key components of personal safety. The Basic Primal Defense course equips students with the skills to handle verbal confrontations and basic self-defense techniques against physical attacks, fostering a proactive approach to safety.

Intermediate Primal Defense

The Intermediate Primal Defense course takes safety to the next level. Through interactive and adrenal-based training, participants harness their innate responses to threats, ensuring a well-rounded skillset for addressing various danger scenarios.

The Back to School Defense Program offers a holistic approach to safety and preparedness, ensuring that students and young adults step into the new academic year with confidence. By enrolling in our safety training courses, families can prioritize personal safety alongside academic achievement. Together, let’s create an educational environment where security and success go hand in hand. Enroll today and empower your loved ones for a secure and fulfilling academic journey.