Intermediate Primal Defense

Self-Defense Training Course


Intermediate Primal Defense empowers individuals to develop and hone their own innate primal responses to threats and danger using interactive, adrenal-based training. This 4-hour course is in a safe and controlled environment supervised by combative professionals. After a quick review of the verbal and non-verbal skills learned in the basic class, participants will learn defensive tactics from the ground and how to defend against attacks from behind. Students will go through two different scenarios at the end of class, using full-force techniques against a staff instructor outfitted with specially designed protective gear.

All 88 Tactical training courses are built on the core concept of Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning© (RBBC). RBBC was developed from this maxim: “the study of behavior is as important as the study of tactics.” 88 Tactical courses condition an appropriate crisis response that maximizes performance while working with, instead of against, a person’s survival-oriented instincts and intuitions. The quicker you recognize the threat, the more likely you will prevail.

Topics Covered
  • Hammer fists and elbow strikes
  • Defending against an attack from behind (grabs and chokeholds)
  • Break falls, creating distance when on the ground (scooching), and getting back up
  • Bicycle kicks and tracking
  • Defensive tactics when mounted, when the aggressor is in your open guard, and when you are in a prone position with an aggressor on your back
Equipment Requirements 
  • Comfortable gym or workout attire
  • Water or sport drink and/or energy bar recommended
  • Students with long hair should bring a hair tie
Eligibility Requirements

The language used in role-playing scenarios is PG-13.

Must be at least 12 years old and have no significant underlying health issues, and have completed Basic Primal Defense Level 1.


Please let the instructors know if you have joint issues or other physical limitations that may require a modification in techniques.

*Lunch, dinner and snacks are available for purchase at the Ammo Box Café inside the Range & Readiness Center.

Cancellation Policy

Students who cancel or reschedule a minimum of 72 hours prior to the start of a class will receive a full refund in the form of store credit. Cancelling or rescheduling less than 72 hours in advance or “No-Shows” will result in forfeiture of 50% of payments and fees (50% will be returned in the form of store credit). 88 Tactical reserves the right to cancel any course offered due to weather or unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, all students will receive a full refund or credit applied to another class.

Rate – $85

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