88 Tactical Range and Readiness Center – Learn More at SHOT Show

By: Ryan Houtekamer, Recoil Magazine

This Nebraska based company is no stranger to RECOIL readers. They are building a second site called the 88 Tactical Range and Readiness Center located in Papillion NE, USA. The new site sounds like its going to be a pretty awesome place to head for training or fun. They will also be at SHOT Show this year bumping elbows and clinking glasses with old friends and new. They fired off this press release so you can all know what they are up to (and maybe in hopes you’d join them somewhere for an adult beverage).

88 Tactical, provider of Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning©, will have several members of its management team and instructor cadre at Media Day on the Range and the 2016 NSSF SHOT Show. Their goal is to renew the relationships that have enabled their tremendous success over the last calendar year and to establish new ones. In addition to expanding their training curriculum with the addition of new SMEs, the addition of an online training capability and the inclusion of hosted instructors from other training organizations, 88 Tactical is in the process of completing a new training facility unlike anything else in the country.

The new “Range and Readiness Center”, located in Papillion NE, will include a pro shop carrying superior quality equipment and firearms, an initial 20 indoor shooting lanes (eventually to be expanded to 50), numerous fully equipped classrooms and meeting rooms, a 70 ft. indoor/outdoor rappel and rock climbing tower, a 3,000 square foot modular simulation area, café, private VIP lounge and weapon maintenance and cleaning area with an on-duty gunsmith. Members and walk-ins alike will be able to attend professionally instructed classes from across the self defense/tactical spectrum and to compete in wide variety of open- and closed- enrollment events. There is a reason the new facility is often referred to as a “gun”try club—and it will soon be joined by other facilities in other states.

“SHOT provides us with an opportunity to speak directly to, shake hands and yes, enjoy an adult beverage with the movers and shakers in the tactical-firearms industry,” says 88 Tactical’s Shea Degan. “We’re constantly seeking instructors and organizations with which to form a strategic partnership, and of course it’s always better to meet a manufacturer face to face before putting your name behind their product, whether on your own instructors or just on the shelves in your pro shop.” ­­

“We believe the study of behavior is as important as the study of tactics. We are guided by the context of real-world situations and the observable actions of human beings actually trying to defend themselves. 90% of the training world lives in a theoretical fantasyland. We demand proof of what we teach being applied in realistic or real situations.” – Trevor Thrasher, President & COO, 88 Tactical Group.

88 Tactical’s civilian classes accommodate all ability levels from novice to expert. All utilize the Reality-Based Behavior Conditioning to hone students skills in a range of subjects from firearms to wilderness survival. Military and LE classes are taught with by SMEs of extraordinary background who instruct from a perspective of hard-earned experience rather than conventional wisdom and range lore.

“If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.” – Thomas Sowell

If you or your organization is interested in scheduling a meeting with 88 Tactical, please reach out via info@88tactical.com

This is an aerial view of the training headquarters. Word has it if you search 88 Tactical Training Headquarters on Google Maps you can see William Petty from space.

If you want to find out more of what the folks over at 88 Tactical are up to you can head to their websiteFacebookInstagram, and Vimeo. You can also check out their training schedule here.

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