A New Crime Fighting Tool For Law Enforcement 88 Tactical Omaha

A New Crime Fighting Tool For Law Enforcement

By: Roger Hamer, WOWT Channel 6

It could be considered the largest example of recycling.

Taking the machinery of the War On Global Terror and using it here at home in the War On Crime.

A new addition in law enforcement’s arsenal will soon be coming to the metro area and it can be used to help save lives in a variety of ways.

It looks like a scene from a war movie set in the farm fields near Tekamah, Nebraska.

A New Crime Fighting Tool For Law Enforcement

But these are actually special weapons and tactics officers from area sheriffs departments.

They are training to drive and maintain 25 ton Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles or MRAPs.

Kurt Delia of Delia Tactical International is here from Michigan. He’s one of the trainers.

“It’s not a weapons system this is just a large truck that stops bullets,” he said.

Used by the military to counter roadside bombs in Iraq, instead of scrapping them, the feds are giving these machines to law enforcement agencies across the country.

The MRAPS have a variety of uses.

“Possibly a barricaded gunman, or active shooter incident or a crisis site where they needed protection for the crew,” Delia said. “It can also be used in natural disasters in the event of the aftermath of a tornado You could actually travel out into the storm, rescue people, pull them inside safely and because of the vehicle’s height you could ford several feet of water.”

88 Tactical A New Crime Fighting Tool For Law Enforcement

Some of the features…400 pound tires that can be inflated or deflated from inside allowing for travel over difficult terrain, infrared lighting for night operations, and a heavy duty winch.

The training is taking place at 88 Tactical run by Shea Degan.

“The first impression for most people is that this is a heavy handed thing, it isn’t it’s a useful tool for law enforcement for them to be able to come out and utilize and keep the law enforcement officers safe,” he said.

The officers are learning how to safely drive the MRAPs over difficult terrain, rescue an injured person and even provide cover fire for the rescue.

Officers A New Crime Fighting Tool For Law Enforcement

Officers believe it’s just another tool for law enforcement facing new and dangerous challenges here at home.

Nearly 175 MRAPs have been given to law enforcement agencies across the country.

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