Celebrating 2022 Milestones – What an Exciting Year!

With 2022 coming to an end, we look back at the year and reflect on the amazing milestones we reached and celebrate each with our valued members, loyal customers, and dedicated employees.

With the goal to create a truly exceptional and memorable dining experience for our members, we worked tirelessly throughout the year to complete our new Founders Club restaurant. We built a 3,000 square foot state-of-the-art kitchen for our culinary team to showcase their talents. We expanded our dining room area to accommodate up to 300 guests and added a private event section so members can have an exceptional space to host parties. Our chefs carefully crafted a new menu to include international style flavors alongside American classics, seasonal foods, and member favorites. We sought out a Master Sommelier to help us curate an exciting wine and beverage program that features a selection of 130 fine wines and 16 local craft beers on tap. Cheers to a job well done!

In addition to the numerous enhancements to our restaurant, we partnered with Topgolf to launch the Topgolf Swing Suite so members can experience the most advanced golf and interactive gaming simulator available to rent for fun, interactive social gatherings, or private practice sessions. The Swing Suite offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is fun for golfers and non-golfers alike. Now members can experience a new way to play at 88 Tactical!

Adding even more value to our memberships, we built a new member range complete with state-of-the-art shooting bays that are beautiful, spacious, and feature a treated air system that provides fresh air every 15 seconds! To top it all off, each shooting lane has its own wireless target carrier system that is tablet controlled. Not only can targets be sent out a specific distance, carriers can be programmed to run more dynamic drills.

To help us get the word out about all these amazing changes, we welcomed an old friend back to 88 Tactical as Randy J. Goodwin became the company’s Brand Ambassador, helping elevate our brand online as well as in person. His passion for the brand is genuine and his excitement is contagious. And over the past several months, customers and members have enjoyed getting to know him. Welcome Randy!

Our commitment goes beyond creating a truly unique and welcoming experience for all individuals and families to enjoy. We are dedicated to being a good neighbor and giving back to the communities we operate in. This year, we gave back to our community in the form of donations, sponsorships, and fundraisers totaling over $174,000! This includes donations to community organizations and groups in the form of free training, memberships, range time, rentals, food, and use of our facility, as well as sponsorship opportunities for youth and nonprofits, and funds raised for various organizations via events and online auctions. It’s a great feeling to give back!

There’s nothing we love more than empowering individuals with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves and others. We are extremely proud of the fact that our training courses for adults, youth, and law enforcement and military personnel are unlike any other training opportunities you can find in the Midwest. Our numbers speak for themselves. This year we trained over 8,000 people across 60 different training courses. Even more impressive is that we did it without any negative impact to quality. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what students had to say about their experience!

We look forward to even bigger and better things in 2023! Thank you to everyone who was along for the ride. We couldn’t have accomplished these milestones without all of you!