Concealed carry holders train for active killers

By: Miranda Christian, KMTV Channel 3

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – Nebraska based 88 Tactical is hosting training sessions for people with concealed carry permits.

Police officers and military members are training civilians how to react if they find themselves face-to-face with an active killer.

“We are training them to defend themselves first and take measured response when they are armed with a hand gun,” said Trevor Thrasher, who runs this training session, “People are just waking up, they don’t want to be paranoid, they don’t want to be survivalist, but they just want to have some basic means to prepare themselves.”

Students are taught how to fight back, defend themselves, and escape from an attacker.

“It makes me more aware of my surroundings and don’t jump to conclusions as much, it’s a big responsibility,” said student Bethany Proksel.

“I didn’t know what to expect, and even with not expecting anything I got more than what I paid for,” said student Donte McMorris.

Thrasher said this class is about as real as they can make it, and those who carry guns need to know how to use them.

“If they are going to have it on them they need to know what to do with it, and they don’t want the first time and incident like this occurs to be in real life,” said Thrasher.

“Not only will it prevent you from taking an innocent life, it will prevent you from having your life taken as well,” said McMorris.

This class is about $150 for a four hour training session.

For more information on 88 Tactical click here.

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