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History, Mission & Future Plans

About 88 Tactical

An Elite Training Organization & “Guntry” Club

88 Tactical is a multifaceted organization that offers top-level training courses for civilians as well as law enforcement and military personnel; it’s also a family-centric community that teaches life-saving skills, cultivates confidence and provides a unique entertainment experience. Our social atmosphere, training classes, events and activities give people of all ages and experience levels the opportunity to learn new skills, bond and create lifelong memories. A long list of services and amenities at our world-class facilities have formed a one-of-a-kind Guntry Club.

Our Facility

Our state-of-the-art facilities include public and private shooting lanes, classrooms, event and meeting spaces, a pro shop, café, 24/7 fitness center, exclusive member lounge with a full bar and patio, rappelling tower and more.

Our Training

88 Tactical offers an unrivaled broad range of instruction in firearms, self-defense, anti-bullying, martial arts, field medicine, rappelling, bushcraft and survival, and much more. Whether you’re a top tier operator taking High Threat CQB, or a child taking Youth Anti-Bully & Anti-Abduction, we’ve got training to suit your needs.

88 Tactical recruits and retains the industry’s most experienced instructors from the special operations military, law enforcement, and fire and rescue – many of whom continue to serve today.

Company History

Why the number 88?

In Nebraska Police Code, “Signal 88” means “Situation Secure.”

In 2003 Shea Degan created one of the most modern and fastest-growing security franchises in the United States. In recognition of the State of Nebraska LE code for “Situation Secure” he called this new company SIGNAL 88. During this process, he identified a need to provide law enforcement, military, and the civilian community with diversified, tactical instruction that would keep their “Situation Secure” in the face of a changing and uncertain future.

Shea channeled this demand into a new venture, branching off from Signal 88 and once again referencing the Police Code by utilizing the “88” nomenclature in the name of the new company, calling it 88 Tactical.

As Shea’s newly founded company grew, he recruited his long-time friend Trevor Thrasher, a tenured law enforcement officer and combat veteran Army Green Beret.

Degan and Thrasher developed a unique curriculum based on their concept of Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning©. After years of operating out of the original outdoor Tekamah Facility, 88 Tactical daily operations were moved to a newly constructed headquarters in Omaha in July 2016. The Range & Readiness Center is open to the public and serves as the ultimate community resource – a training center, event center, gun range, restaurant, club, and retail shop all rolled into one.

Company Future

Growth & Expansion

88 Tactical partnered with City+Ventures in 2017 with the hope of transforming its visionary business model into a nationwide success. City Ventures was recently ranked #207 in the 2019 Inc. 5000 list. The annual list reports the fastest-growing companies in America. City+Ventures is also currently undertaking the $200 million La Vista City Centre project.

88 Tactical is poised for incredible growth, and plans are already underway. These plans include an expansion project for the Range & Readiness Center in Omaha as well as building branch locations in over 20 cities around the country, starting with Kansas City. We just finished the new 24/7 fitness center. The rest of the project will add upgraded shooting lanes, a sports bar, virtual reality simulators and more. The facilities at future branch locations will be even larger than the Omaha headquarters.

Mission Statements

Civilian Mission

To provide an inviting and empowering community for individuals, families and professionals to discover their confidence.

LE/MIL Mission

To change the paradigm of tactical training through Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning©. Employing adrenalized scenarios, and emotionally activated applications, participants learn the skills necessary to overcome any situation. We are committed to teaching all students how to respond when the moment of truth arrives.

In the News

88 Tactical is a valuable community resource full of industry experts. Its facilities, training classes and/or personnel have been featured in the local news and magazines over 70 times since 2012. 

Schedule a Tour

Our Range & Readiness Center is open to the public! Anyone can stop in and use our facility according to our regular rates, or join today with a membership starting as low as $35 a month.

  • My favorite class is the primal defense class because I see the greatest amount of change in the students in the shortest amount of time. Intermediate and advanced carbine courses would be a close second because they are physically and mentally challenging.  My favorite every day piece of equipment is my Eidolon holster for my Glock pistol. It combines good retention, fast draws, and excellent concealment.

    Trevor Thrasher
    Trevor Thrasher Senior Instructor
  • One of my favorite classes to teach is the Basic Survival Skills. For most folks it is an empowering outing that is challenging, but still executed in a controlled environment. I really enjoy seeing the look of accomplishment come across someone’s face when they build their first fire on their own. I also like to see the mixed classes of males and females. The Woods does not care who you are, it is gender neutral. You either succeed or fail. It is my job to see you don't do the latter.

    Terry Barney
    Terry Barney Senior Instructor
  • SAFE, INFORMATIVE, FUN. I took the Concealed Carry class with Trey and he was ABSOLUTELY awesome. He made it a point to our class that men aren’t the only ones that should know how to safely and legally own and operate a handgun. They go above and beyond what they’re supposed to teach both in the classroom and at the range. I definitely recommend getting your permit here, especially to my female friends that are interested but a little apprehensive about going. Thanks, Trey for an awesome class and Trevor for helping our class at the range!! You were both awesome!!

    Katie C.
    Katie C. Customer
  • I took my daughter to 88 tactical today so she could experience shooting a gun for the first time. I couldn't be more impressed with the entire staff and the facility. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I've been to various shooting clubs throughout the area and by far, 88 tactical is the best. I met one of their range officers today named Nick. He had some suggestions and ideas that helped with my daughter's shooting stance. It made a ton of difference and he was very nice. My family and I will definitely be back.

    E.B. Customer
  • I was definitely impressed! I was afraid of handling a gun prior to my class. I had no idea how to even hold the thing, nor what the model even was. That is how clueless I was at the start of the class. I still have a lot to learn, but now I am not afraid to learn or practice. The teachers were serious and respectful, but also able to interject some humor. I received the class as a Christmas gift from my father and am looking forward to my next class. Thanks Tim and Lynn!

    Piper L.
    Piper L. Customer
  • More than just a range, 88 Tactical offers a unique club experience, with an appeal to gun ownership community; 88 Tactical gives shooters and gun enthusiasts a place to train marksmanship, develop practical skills, and be around others who want to cultivate a lifestyle of protecting what is important in life. 88 Tactical has trained professionals to instruct classes on pistol and rifle marksmanship, hand-to-hand self-defense, scenario training, etc. I enjoy weekly trips to the range, and will be developing my skills in survival and scenario response at this facility. Highly recommend.

    Andrew A.
    Andrew A. Customer
  • Every time I come to this place I’m more and more impressed. The caliber of staff is incredible and they don’t let it go to their heads. So many range employees have egos through the roof and act like you’re an inconvenience - not here; super knowledgeable and very friendly people. I definitely plan on becoming a regular here and highly recommend 88 Tac.

    Brandon K. Customer
  • Husband and I went in for our 8 year wedding anniversary to try something we have never done before. I’ve not held a gun let alone shot one. We had the time of our lives and even though it scared me at first, Josh our instructor and safety man made sure I was comfortable. By the end my husband was already planning his next visit and could see myself tagging along. Thank you again for an awesome evening out!! Anniversary to remember.

    Jc W.
    Jc W. Customer
  • I've been to many ranges in Omaha, but 88 Tactical is hands down the best I've been to. It's like a country club, there is shopping, food that is delicious, and if you're lucky enough to get to the founders club there is a bar. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, I had a problem with my handgun not feeding correctly and they took the time to check it out and clean it up for me. This is a great place for just shooting but they also offer classes that are by far the best I've ever taken.  If you haven't been there yet, give it a try and I promise you'll love it.

    Tom A.
    Tom A. Customer
  • "I made a 5 1/2 hour drive to their Tekamah facility for the TacMed Instructor course and it was absolutely worth it. First of all finding this type of course with range time included has been impossible to find until I stumbled across 88 Tactical. The facilities are amazing and it’s some beautiful country out there. Kurt took great care of us and I will absolutely make my way back out there as soon as possible!"

    Brett M. Law Enforcement Student

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