Get Out Alive; Tips On Surviving A Violent Carjacking

By: Erin Murray, WOWT Channel 6

It can happen anywhere, at anytime. WOWT Six News has been tracking a streak of brutal carjackings across the metro. Sadly the numbers have come to a point where too many are ending in violence and even death.

Defense specialists at 88 Tactical tell WOWT’s Erin Murray, if it comes to life or death, would-be victims need to think and act fast.

Put through several different scenarios, Murray learned in a controlled environment how quickly things can go wrong. In a less than a few seconds, anyone can become a victim.

Defense specialists at 88 Tactical tell us first, everyone should have a plan especially if there’s no way out. And have a plan for a few different scenarios.

First, if you are approached in your car, always first try to get away.

But if you are grabbed, and believe you will be hurt, Devin Crinklaw with 88 Tactical said, “The right thing to do is to go ahead and fight, fight as if you life depended on it.”

Over the past year, WOWT has reported on a lot of violent carjacking, many people thinking that they would never be a victim in that situation. But thinking you will never become a victim, is the first wrong step you can make.

“We don’t want people to be paranoid; we just want them to be aware,” said Crinklaw. “We want them to be aware that we live in a world that has violent incidents take place on a daily basis.”

It’s more than a physical fight, before a punch is thrown, before you even leave your home, everyone must make a critical choice. Each person should give themselves permission to fight ahead of time. During an attack is not the time to make that decision.

“We don’t think that compliance is an option,” said Crinklaw.

Murray said even in this controlled situation, her nerves kicked it and it was scary. But once she decided to fight, it was easy for her body to kick into action.

“Without a day of defense training in my life, I still knew I could fight back. The key, accepting it was my only choice,” recalls Murray.

Again, fighting back is always a final option when there is absolutely no way out.

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