How To Deal With An Active Shooter, Instructor Talks Tactics

By: Caiti Blase, KPTM Fox42

Do you know what to do if you’re in an active shooter situation? Lots of people probably don’t.

The shooting in Orlando is now pushing many people to get some training. Some say it’s a few hours that could make a big difference.

“I didn’t see it coming, I couldn’t believe it was happening, and I didn’t know what to do.”

It’s how many victims may feel after dealing with an active shooter, that’s according to Trevor Thrasher. The 88 Tactical instructor has trained a lot of people to deal with this kind of situation.

“I want to protect them. I want to serve them and I know it’s best to teach them to protect and serve themselves.”

Thrasher says people can do this by running…

“You want to move in a zigzag pattern so get low, move fast, zigzag and get behind cover as soon as you can.”


“Hiding is only something you should do temporarily.”

…or fighting.

“You should pick the one at the exact moment it suits you.”

Another strategy is tactical two’s. When you’re in an active shooter situation Thrasher says you should always be looking for two exits. It can be one you use every day or one you’ve never used before.

“I look for two places to go and barricade, so find two rooms that have sturdy doors and sturdy locks in them…two improvised weapons, two things on me I could use to make improvised tourniquets with.”

All these tactics and more are taught by Thrasher and other trainers. While it may sound like a lot Thrasher says “it could be four hours of your life. It could be the most important four hours you need.”

Thrasher says during training sessions people are forced to make those decisions to run, hide, or fight. They do this by reenacting different scenarios. He says after that they’ll hopefully have the confidence to use those skills if needed.

Thrasher says since the shooting in Orlando the business has received a lot of calls. He says more people are interested in training and learning how to defend themselves.

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