Training Department

KP Robinson

LE Instructor | Precision Rifle

KP is a full-time police officer with the Des Moines, IA Police Department and has served there since 2004. Before joining the Des Moines Police Department, he worked for the Metro Transit Police in Washington, DC, from 2001-2004. KP became a member of his agency’s SWAT team in 2007, where he was assigned to the entry and sniper teams. He serves as a Sniper Team Leader for his agency’s multi-jurisdictional SWAT team. During his time as a SWAT/Sniper, he has trained and led his team during high-risk situations, such as high-risk search warrants, hostage barricade situations, and dignitary protection details for the POTUS and other VIPs. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for actions during a hostage rescue operation. 

KP is also a sniper instructor for his agency, has developed annual training plans and SOPs, assisted in the team selection, and has overseen ammunition and equipment testing and evaluation for the sniper unit.  

KP has numerous instructor certifications pertaining to the police sniper role and precision rifle. KP is a Region 4 rep for the American Sniper Association (ASA), which encompasses. IL, IN, IA, MI, MN, MO, OH, WI. 

KP has been instructing for 88 Tactical since 2018 and oversees all the civilian precision rifle courses. KP developed basic sniper and advanced sniper for Law Enforcement.