Law Enforcement Agencies Train in Tekamah

Law Enforcement Agencies Train in Tekamah

By: Rachel Urbanski, WOWT Channel 6 


TEKAMAH, Neb. (WOWT) – Law enforcement agencies train from all over the country in Tekamah Thursday night.

Agencies ranged from Homeland Security and other federal agents, to deputies from Louisiana.

They all participated in a high threat vehicle engagement class.

“This is a class that tries to keep officers safe when they’re on traffic stops or when they’re making arrests on the streets,” said tactical training manager and senior instructor Kurt Sorys.

Sorys said that they hold training classes like this one 10 to 12 times a year for law enforcement agencies.

Thursday’s class had officers shooting in and around cars.

“One of the scenarios we always talk about is bail out assault, and what that is that’s a law enforcement officer stops the car, the suspect immediately gets out and starts shooting at that officer,” Sorys explained.

That same scenario occurred on 60th and L last year when a semi driver was shot in his back by an Omaha man during a road dispute. Should scenarios like this occur in front of Saunders County deputy Kyle Kennebeck, he’ll know what to do.

“It was a great opportunity. I’m young at this. And the most dangerous part of our job is traffic stops for the most part,” Kennebeck said.

Kennebeck has been with the Saunders County Sheriff’s Department since December.

“This training teaches you where you need to go at what time and for each situation it’s very valuable. It gives me confidence on the road and doing my job so I can do it better every day,” he said.

The focus of the class is reality-based behavior training, meaning the group will have to make the right decisions under stress.

“So we train towards those feelings, how to use that adrenaline rush. The hormones are dumped into your body to give you that fight or flight activation. How to use that to defend yourself,” Sorys said.

The officers trained in the dark. That’s because law enforcement sees a lot of crime and shootings at night. It better prepares them for the mask of darkness that criminals take advantage of.


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