Local retailer says Bullet Proof Panel Sales are on the Rise

Local retailer says Bullet Proof Panel Sales are on the Rise

By: Zach Worthington, KLKN-TV ABC 8

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, some parents are turning to a new method in an attempt to keep their kids safer in school.

Concerned parents are buying ballistic panels to put in their child’s backpack.

A local retailer who sells these panels, 88 Tactical in Omaha, received a new shipment on Tuesday. They say they are already sold out.

“With the recent events in Florida and all the attention that they are receiving a lot of people are looking for something else to add to their personal readiness,” said Kurt Sorys, 88 Tactical’s Director of Training.

A 9 by 12 inch plate that resembles a clip board in appearance is actually the latest model of ballistic panels, noted for its lightweight stature and versatility.

“What this offers is a very thin, lightweight option to drop in a backpack, a brief case, a suit case or anything like that so that if you find yourself in a dangerous situation this can be used to cover up the vital organs and perhaps save a life,” said Sorys.

Director of Training Kurt Sorys brings over 30 years of law enforcement experience to the table.

He says that saving even one life makes this product worth it.

In order to assess the $130 panel’s effectiveness, Sorys ran a test.

“We fired a number of different hand gun rounds at it, both a 5mm, a 45mm and a .40 caliber. They absorbed all of that energy and nothing penetrated. We went a little bit beyond. We loaded up the backpack full of books and we fired .223 caliber ammunition at it and with the addition of the books and the panel it was able to stop that,” said Sorys.

The .223 caliber ammunition is used in an AR–15 rifle, the same rifle that was used in the recent Florida and Las Vegas shootings.

The gear compares favorably to what our own law enforcement officers wear.

“This has a level 3-A rating. Most officers have a vest underneath their uniforms which also have the same level 3-A rating. So it provides you with similar ballistic protection as most law enforcement officers,” said Sorys.

88 Tactical will have a new shipment of ballistic panels tomorrow or the day after at the latest.

For more information on how to purchase one of these panels, visit 88tactical.com.

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