Pro Shop Product Feature: TacMed Kits

Pro Shop Product Feature: TacMed Kits

88 Tactical’s custom TacMed Kits were designed by Senior Instructor, Shawn Whittington. Shawn Whittington is a licensed Tactical Paramedic, and has been working professionally in the EMS/Fire industry since 1991. Shawn teaches 88 Tactical’s TacMed courses for both civilians and Law Enforcement personnel, as well as the Primal Self Defense series.

These custom TacMed Kits are manufactured by North American Rescue (NAR). NAR is dedicated to decreasing preventable death by providing the most effective and highest quality mission critical medical products to our military, federal agencies, civilian law enforcement, EMS and pre-hospital life savers.


Pro Shop Product Feature: TacMed Kits

  • (1) Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)
  • (1) Hyfin Vent Chest Seal
  • (1) pair of Bear Claw gloves
  • (1) set of Trauma Shears
  • (1) 2″x100″ roll of Mini Duct Tape
  • (1) 4″ Flat Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD)


The TacMed Advanced Kit contains all the pieces that are in the Basic Kit with the addition of a package of Celox Rapid Hemostatic Gauze.

  • (1) Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)
  • (1) Hyfin Vent Chest Seal
  • (1) pair of Bear Claw gloves
  • (1) set of Trauma Shears
  • (1) 2″x100″ roll of Mini Duct Tape
  • (1) 4″ Flat Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD)
  • (1) package of Celox Rapid Hemostatic Gauze


Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T)

The Fastest, Safest, Most Effective Prehospital Field Tourniquet.

Tourniquets are now at the top of the list as the recommended treatment for life-threatening bleeding from an extremity. Numerous medical studies have shown that commercial tourniquets can be left on for several hours without causing permanent damage to the affected limb. An injury on a shooting range, a motor vehicle accident, a child running through a plate glass door, and even an animal bite are all injuries that could require aggressive bleeding control to save the victim’s life.

  • Official Tourniquet of the U.S. Army
  • Proven to be 100% effective in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower extremities by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research
  • NEW Single Routing Buckle for faster application, decreased blood loss, effective slack removal, fewer windlass turns, and simplified training with single protocol application standards
  • Includes reinforced windlass, stabilization plate, windlass clip and writeable windlass security strap
  • Featuring NAR’s signature Red Tip Technology® elliptical tab providing added visual clues during application


Hyfin Vent Chest Seal

The HyFin® Vent Chest Seal sets the standard for the prevention, management and treatment of an open and/or tension pneumothorax potentially caused by a penetrating chest trauma.

  • New, more compact packaging
  • Patented, new design with 3-channel pressure relief vents
  • Advanced adhesive technology for a superior seal in the most adverse conditions, including sweaty or hairy casualties
  • Easy-to-grip, large red tab for single step, peel-and-apply application that allows for the burping of the wound if necessary


Bear Claw Gloves

Bear Claw Ultimate Nitrile gloves are made of 100% nitrile material which is free of the allergens found in standard latex gloves.

  • Textured for improved wet and dry gripping
  • Longer and thicker than standard nitrile gloves
  • Form fitting
  • Extended, beaded cuff for quick and easy donning


Trauma Shears

Built for safety and efficiency, these black trauma shears made to meet the challenges of casualty care with precision and dependability.

  • Premium-grade stainless steel with precision sharpness
  • Enhanced serrated lower edge cuts through the toughest materials
  • Clothing-lift lip and rounded tip for ultimate patient safety
  • Soft-grip, non-slip contoured handles for maximum control even when wet
  • 25 inches in length


Mini Duct Tape

NAR Mini Duct Tape is an industrial grade cloth-backed duct tape that utilizes a high-strength adhesive suitable for use in numerous scenarios. The versatile, multipurpose tape roll provides 100 inches of 2 inch wide tape in a size small enough to fit into any kit.

  • 2 in. x 100 in. roll
  • Industrial Grade adhesive, formulated with natural rubber (latex free)
  • Small Cube Size


Emergency Trauma Dressing

The Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD™) can also be used to sling and swath an arm, to secure splints to an extremity or to perform in any other function requiring an elastic wrap.

  • Sterile bandage suitable for applying immediate direct pressure
  • Simple application that is easy to remember under combat/survival stress
  • Omission of pressure bars and hooks to moderate the use of fine motor skills
  • Quick-Grip Roll Control tabs to prevent the bandage from unrolling during application
  • Vacuum-sealed, low-cube packaging with NAR’s signature Red-Tip Technology® red tear notches


Celox Rapid Hemostatic Gauze

Tactical Medicine means working in urgent and possibly life-threatening conditions. Celox™ RAPID bridges the significant capability gap between this urgency and the current standard of treatment for hemorrhage control. Celox RAPID offers a step change in speed, a breakthrough that expands the utility of hemostatics in Tactical Field Care.

  • Stops severe arterial bleeding with only one minute of compression applied
  • Compact Z-folded format making it easy to use & carry
  • Generates no heat


You can learn how to use these life-saving items in the Basic TacMed course, which goes far beyond a class first aid class. Basic TacMed is a 6-hour course that includes an overview of tactical emergency combat care, environmental hazards and treatment, bleeding control, and wound dressing.

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