More women taking gun safety courses

By: Brian Mastre, WOWT Channel 6

When someone buys a handgun, unless you want a concealed carry permit, there are no training requirements to own one. That doesn’t mean people aren’t learning how to safely use their new gun.

After the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, lines of people applying for a gun permit are well documented around the country. Douglas County set daily records in December. “People just want to be safe,” said Davin Holman.

The sheriff’s department staff processed 2,000 more permits in 2012 than in 2011 and many more women are getting handguns than ever before. “We want people to feel comfortable.”

“Huge increase in females who are participating in classes,” said Shea Degan, whose Omaha company 88 Tactical offers a three-hour class at his 160 acres in Tekamah, about an hour north of the metro. “Anyone who has a firearm, we want to make sure they know how to use it and keep it away from children.”

Winter is usually a slow time on the gun range, but last weekend it was packed. “See how many women we have here, five women in this class.” That’s out of a class size of 12. And this is the first time many of the women have fired a gun. “We’ve never seen this number of people who want to come out.”

Not only do they get a lesson in safety, but sometimes bragging rights. “More often than not it’s the women who out-shoot the guys.”

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