Bullet-Resistant Inserts

Local retailer sells Bullet-Resistant Inserts for Backpacks

By: Alexa Reye, KMTV Channel 3 News

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – School is back in session for most students in our area and this year, like always, safety is on the minds of parents. Following the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida the fear of this happening locally is more apparent.

Now, one local shop is aiming to ease those fears with a special bullet-resistant inserts for backpacks. While a parent would never like to think the possibility of a school shooting could happen at their child’s school, they can all agree they want their children to be prepared.

This February, 17 people from a Florida high school were killed by an active shooter. Those images are still fresh in parent’s minds as their children head back to the classroom. The Parkland incident may feel far from home, but last Wednesday one hit closer when a 15-year-old student at Bellevue West brought a fully loaded handgun to school. “The most important tool that you can have is to teach your child how to think properly during one of these incidents,” said 88 Tactical Chief Operating Officer, Trevor Thrasher.

88 Tactical in Omaha isn’t just helping parents to prepare their kids mentally for the possibility of a school shooting but physically as well with a bullet resistant insert that fits easily into most backpacks. This insert is designed to take multiple hits and stop almost all known handgun rounds. According to 88 Tactical with enough books in front of it, the panel can stop some rifle rounds as well. “It covers the vast majority of my vital organs in my upper body,” said Thrasher.

Mother of three Stephanie Atkins said while she feels her 11-year-old Sydney is safe at school she would consider purchasing an insert. “Sadly, it might come to a time where the bulletproof insert might be a requirement,” said Atkins. Because you never know what another student can do. “If you really think it’s a risk and it’s something that you can do why wouldn’t you,” said dad, Ian Hancock.

Dad Ryan Thompson wouldn’t buy an insert for his daughter because the likelihood of a school shooting is low. If that gives them the peace of mind to feel comfortable and send their kids to school in the times we are living in I have no problem with it,” said Thompson.

Thrasher, says the peace of mind that comes with children knowing they can protect themselves is priceless. “If you just sit around and wait and hope that someone else is gonna help you, that’s a bad plan,” he said. The insert at 88 Tactical cost $120. This insert has a IIIA rating but other online retailers make stronger grade inserts, but the stronger the grade the higher the price tag.

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