Sometimes a Rappelling Tower is Just a Rappelling Tower

Standing 70 feet tall, 88 Tactical’s rappelling tower is a great resource in an area where natural rappelling structures are not accessible. It not only provides the general public and corporations with a safe and secure rappelling experience, it also provides first responders and military personnel with an opportunity to practice their tactical training.

While rappelling is an adrenaline filled experience for some, for others it is an opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone, test their limits, overcome their fears, and build their confidence.

You don’t have to be a member to use our rappelling tower. It is available to everyone. So individuals come from hundreds of miles away to use our tower for recreational and training purposes.

Metro Community College uses our rappelling tower for their National Fire Academy Rope Rescue Course, a certification course for first responders.

In September, Mick Doyle, owner of Mick Doyle’s Gym, gathered his employees and ran the tower stairs as a tribute to the first responders who climbed the stairs of the World Trade Center during 9/11.

Rejuvenating Women uses our rappelling tower for their annual Rappel The Tower Event to help raise funds for their organization by providing supporters with a thrilling rappelling experience.

We’re honored to provide such an unrivaled experience to so many amazing individuals and organizations across the Midwest. We sincerely thank all of the individuals, families, employees, students, first responders, and military personnel who trust us to provide a safe and secure rappelling experience.

To learn more about rappelling at 88 Tactical, visit our Rappelling Experience training course page.

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