Staying alive during an active shooter situation

Staying alive during an active shooter situation

Published by: Fox 42 KPTM 

Staying alive during an active shooter situation

After another deadly shooting in Maryland Thursday the worry of an active shooter is back on the minds of most.

88 Tactical in Omaha isn’t only a shooting range, it also teaches classes that show how to react during dangerous situations.

Owner, Trevor Thrasher said the most important thing in scenarios like this is awareness.

He said at least one person should be facing the front entrance of the building and be trained to know how to react to a threat.

Thrasher said all doors should be reinforced, especially exterior doors.

Each person should have at least two items they can use as weapons close to them in the event of an attack.

There should also be clear and planned escape routes that aren’t obvious like a door or window.

Two barricades should also be ready and available to keep an intruder out.

Thrasher said everyone should be aware and cautious of their surroundings at all times.


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