The need & locations of safe rooms

By: Erin Murray, WOWT Channel 6

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — Crisis situations can happen any time; finding a safe room can save your life. The reason for needing a safe room can change: domestic abuse, a stalker, a road rage incident. But when an incident occurs, finding a safe place to go is paramount.

Bellevue Police Department is a place with a room just like that.

“If you feel like you are being followed, or you need to get away from someone, you are more than welcome to use that space. That is what it is intended for,” said Laurie Synowiecki, Bellevue Police Department.

The mechanic’s behind it are fairly simple: it’s a room a person can quickly run into and lock. Not only does the door lock when you close it, but there is also a camera in the room and a phone that calls directly to dispatch.

Elizabeth Powers with the Women’s Center for Advancement said safe rooms are good resources for domestic violence victims.

“I would say it is probably a new, newer concept to society and the nation as a whole. I think they are an incredible resource, and as many as we could provide would probably find use. More than we would want to probably acknowledge at this point,” said Powers.

This room is certainly ideal but often crisis situations can happen at home or an office. Kurt Sorys works at 88 Tactical and teaches a home defense class.

“If we find someone is following us, look for a place to hide and a place we can barricade, and look for different escape routes, and things we can improvise as weapons if someone comes through that escape door,” said Sorys. “For one we should always be aware to look for different places we can hide.”

He says even buying a $20 door jam can come in handy.

“It is not full proof, but it is certainly going to buy you time. You can be on the phone calling 911, when it is set, you can start looking for other ways out,” said Sorys.

If you are able, always try to call 911 in a situation where you fear for your safety. Never under estimate your first line of defense: being aware. Look up and look around often, this way many dangerous situations can be avoided at a faster rate.


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