88 Tactical's Top Selling Pro Shop Products

88 Tactical’s Top Selling Pro Shop Products

At 88 Tactical we are a one stop shop. Our pro shop both online and in person provide a variety of different items from apparel, to equipment, and accessories. We have everything you need or are looking for.

Top Selling Pro Shop Products

Top Selling Holster


Preevo Defense manufactures high-quality inside-the-waistband (IWB) and outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters exclusively for 88 Tactical. These .08mm kydex holsters are available in left and hand right hand options for all the popular handgun brands and models. Preevo also makes custom holsters, with a one-week turnaround at the same price.

Preevo holsters are a favorite of both 88 Tactical students and instructors because of their durability and great price. You won’t find a better kydex holster under $50. The Preevo OWB holster is available online.

If you want the IWB Preevo holster, we stock them in our Pro Shop at the Range & Readiness Center. If you’re interested in ordering a custom Preevo holster, ask one of our Retail Associates.



Top Selling Firearm cleaner


88 Tactical is proud to stock two sizes of Gunzilla BC-10 formula. It is the cleaning solution used on every gun that comes into our armory, and the 88 Tactical staff’s choice for our own personal weapons.

Made from natural-based materials, Gunzilla contains no water and no petroleum solvents. It is safer and more effective than other gun cleaners, and can be used on every type of gun – handguns, shotguns, rifles, automatic weapons, black powder guns and cannons. Gunzilla was developed by a small company in Michigan called Top Duck Products, LLC. to bring safer and more effective products to our military, law enforcement and civilian shooters.

Gunzilla contains no hazardous chemicals, is non-flammable, and non-corrosive, which offers peace of mind when cleaning your firearms. It is also air shipping safe and is legal to carry in your checked baggage on an airliner.



Top Selling TacMed Kit


Our relationship with North American Rescue goes back to the beginning of 88 Tactical’s curriculum development. Senior Instructor Shawn Whittington has been using and promoting their products in his various levels of Tactical Medicine (TacMed) instruction for both civilians and LE/MIL students. Shawn is a licensed Tactical Paramedic, and has been working professionally in the EMS/Fire industry since 1991.

Two years ago, Shawn worked with our VP or Purchasing to develop a Basic Med Kit and an Advanced Med Kit that would provide his students with two great options for an everyday carry kit. North American Rescue builds and packages these kits for us, and puts the revered 88 Tactical Warbird logo on the contents card inside the package. We offer both of these kits online and in our retail store, and you won’t find a better option anywhere.




88 Tactical carries a broad assortment of CrossBreed® Holsters (CBH) and accessories, and is one of the largest CBH dealers in the country. We support their family business ethics, and their Midwestern values. Several of the 88 Tactical staff have met the great people of this Missouri-based manufacturer, and they are some of the best we do business with.

The new Crossover Gun Belt hit our shelves this year, and quickly became a favorite among our staff and our customers. The sturdy slide buckle offers infinite adjustments, and the leather belt is the quality and durability we have come to expect from CrossBreed®.

The Crossover Gun Belt is a very functional, great looking piece of everyday carry gear. These belts are proudly made in the USA, and 88 Tactical approved.



Top Selling slide glideSLIDE GLIDE

The early years of competition pistol shooting were free-form and experimental. Shooters were developing their own holsters, handgun modifications, and techniques to help them perform at their best. One of the pioneers of that time was Brian Enos.

Gun lubricant is a key component of high performance, and at the time there was very little offered that met the demands of competition shooters. Motor oil, household aerosols, and various other DIY solutions could be found at the range on match day. Enos and an engineer friend at General Motors developed a product they named “Slide Glide” that would become the gun lube of choice for competition and sporting guns.

Brian Enos went on to win countless state, regional, and national championships, and was sponsored by Springfield Armory, Sierra, and Dillon Precision, to name a few. In 1990, he published a book on Practical Shooting.

Today, Slide Glide is a staple in the 88 Tactical armory, and is used on every rental gun, and all the instructor firearms at our range and classes. Our Pro Shop and online store offer it for sale in two sizes.



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