Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 4 course

Defensive Handgun 4 is an intermediate 3-4 hour course that takes all of the previously learned skills from level 1-3 and applies them with increasingly dynamic tactics with turns, pivots, and initial defensive movement.

Point shooting, precision shooting, and perfect front sighted shooting will be performed on demand. It also includes introductory one-handed shooting. It will also improve on the performance of previously learned skills at increasing speed and distance.

The course may include one hour of lecture and dry fire practice.

  • Demonstrate the ability to use point, precision, or perfect sighted fire
  • Effectively engage a target while pivoting or after a defensive side-step
  • Demonstrate the ability to shoot accurately with one hand
  • Intuitively perform malfunction clearances and engage targets
  • Ear and eye protection  
  • Pistol or revolver in proper working order (unloaded and stored in case prior to arrival)
  • 200 rounds of quality ammunition
  • High-quality holster and magazine pouches
  • 3 magazines
  • Must be at least 18 years old and have a valid government issued I.D.
  • Must have successfully completed Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 3, an equivalent level handgun course from another reputable company, or receive direct permission from the instructor to attend.