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Intro to Ropes & Rappelling

88 Tactical’s Intro to Ropes & Rappelling is the foundation of all our high angle classes for Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, and Civilian applications. Whether your interest in rappelling is job-related or it’s simply a skill you’ve always wanted to acquire, this is the place to start. …MORE


Basic Rappelling & Rigging

Basic Rappelling & Rigging is an 8-hour course with a heavy emphasis on hands-on training. The students review and build on lessons learned from the Intro to Ropes & Rappelling course. They also learn a new set of skills that are necessary to be safe and proficient when working from heights with ropes and rescue equipment. …MORE

Please Call (402) 933-7171 for Details
Please Call (402) 933-7171 for Details

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