Items You Need For Home Defense


The 80/20 Rule

When it comes to self-defense,  it is best practice to follow the “80/20 Rule.” For most things, you will get the biggest bang for your buck if you focus on a few of the most important things — the 20 percent, which actually have more impact than the other  80 percent combined!

Keep reading to learn 5 of the highest impact, must-haves for home defense.




WiFi Camera

Hardened Exterior &  Safe Room Door

Motion Sensing Light

Every door that leads to the outside or from the garage into the home should be hardened. You need a tight-fitting, door with a peep hole. 

WiFi cameras are now so affordable that you don’t have to go overboard. At a minimum, add a front door camera like a “Ring” doorbell and one internal camera.

Buy a screw-in motion sensor that can replace nearly any  light around your home.  These provide an extra layer of early warning. Put these lights near all obvious entrances.

home defense items:



Family Emergency Response Plan

Rapid-Access Gun Lock  Box Or Safe

If you’re a gun owner,  it’s important to have a lock box or safe that is easy to use under duress, in the dark,  and allows you to access the firearm within five seconds  of touching it.

A good plan starts with method of alert for both the family and 911, involves adjusting to the situation presented, provides a few simple procedures, gives everyone a job, and ends in accountability and dealing with secondary responders.


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