7 Everyday Safety Tips

1. Keep Your Head Up.

Everything starts with awareness. Keep your head up and out of your phone. The first thing criminals or predators look for  is potential victims who are unaware and easily surprised.

2. Choose Your Route.

If you feel like it's a dangerous place, it probably is. Why take  a chance? Picking a better route might allow you to burn a few more calories as well. 

3. Spot The Threat Early.

Most criminals and even terrorists go through a cycle of attacks where they select their victims, gather information about how they behave, wait for the right moment, then attack.   If you pay a little bit of attention, you can spot the “tells.” 

4. Pay Attention  To Your Intuition.

Our instincts guide us to pay attention to certain things and use caution when appropriate.  If you feel someone is unsafe, they probably are. Find a way to keep your distance and prepare yourself casually to take immediate action without drawing notice.   

5. Be Assertive.

Master the art of assertiveness. This can be used for a polite but firm response against annoying solicitors. Get in a strong stance, get your hands up palms out, and practice saying “Back Off!”  in a deep, “bad dog voice.”

6.  Master Concealment And Covert Quick Draw.

Many women carry OC spray, tasers, small knives, or various striking devices in their purses. So, when you need it fast, you have it on you! Make sure you can get to it quickly and practice covert methods of getting it ready without exposing it. 

7.  Always Try To Escape.

At 88 Tactical, we say that compliance is always conditional, temporary, and deceptive.  When you find yourself in a situation where compliance is the best initial option, don’t get stuck in the mental loop of only being a victim. Look for windows of opportunity to escape or attack, or lure the criminal into letting their guard down,  then take decisive action. 

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