3 Reasons Why You  Are Shooting Low & To  The Left  

Having Trouble Shooting? 

Have you ever been shooting on the range, trying your best to be precise with your shots, only to have them go consistently low and to the left (low and to the right for left-handed shooters)?  Spoiler alert: it’s almost always NOT a problem with your gun or your sights. It is usually your brain playing tricks on you.




You are not moving your trigger finger independently.

You are struggling with recoil anticipation.

You are struggling with trigger direction.

3 reasons you are shooting low &  To the left   

1. Recoil Anticipation

The leading cause of shooting low and to the left is recoil anticipation. Recoil anticipation results in a flinching motion, which in turn drives your shots low and sometimes to the left. Recoil anticipation happens because you are trying to fight your natural instincts. 

2. Not Moving Trigger Finger Independently

Another primary cause of shooting low and to the left is squeezing and curling your whole hand when you pull the trigger instead of moving your trigger finger independently. This is another very common–but challenging– issue; it requires good body awareness and a lot of practice to overcome.

3. Trigger Direction

Another cause of shooting low and to the left is trigger direction. The trigger needs to travel straight back to the rear for a clean shot on your target. If you have too many fingers on the trigger or not enough fingers on the trigger, your firearm may move in undesired directions as you press your trigger.

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