Things To Do In Omaha: Host Your 2024 Event At  88 Tactical

Convenient And Stress-Free Event Packages

Tired of the hassle of event planning? Look no further. We have event packages to take the guesswork out of organizing your special occasion. With our expertise, we guarantee a seamless event that will leave a lasting impression on both you and your guests!

Keep swiping to learn about our 6 different event packages.

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Topgolf Swing Suite Package

88 Tactical’s Topgolf Swing Suite is an immersive experience offering a comfortable area to play and enjoy fantastic food and drinks from the exclusive Founders Club restaurant. 


With a massive screen and a selection of exciting virtual games, the Topgolf Swing Suite delivers a one-of-a-kind simulation that’s fun for everyone.​

Happy Hour Package

Our venue is the perfect location for your next happy hour! Enjoy our comfortable event space stocked with games, a large TV, and exceptional food and beverage options.


Whether you’re unwinding with colleagues after work or celebrating a special occasion with friends,  our venue provides the perfect backdrop for your happy hour.

Seasonal Event Package

Our highly sought-after seasonal event package remains a favorite among our clients. It includes an exhilarating live fire range shooting experience for participants, paired with a delectable three-course meal featuring chef-inspired menu selections from our exclusive Founders Club restaurant


Sports Package

Our sports package promises a winning combination of  thrilling sports action, mouthwatering bites,  and refreshing drinks.  Elevate your sports-watching experience and create lasting memories with friends and fellow fans.


Ladies Night Out Package

Gather your girlfriends  and prepare for a night of laughter, bonding, and unique experiences. Our ladies night out event package promises an extraordinary blend of adrenaline-pumping fun and sophisticated indulgence!


It's the perfect way for  an enchanting and memorable evening with your favorite ladies.

Retro Game Night Package

Rediscover the joy of gaming while relishing a selection of delectable appetizers and mouthwatering desserts. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, this event package is the perfect blend of retro fun and modern entertainment.


We are so much more than a shooting range

At 88 Tactical, we strive to create a completely unique customer experience. Our wide range of amenities include:

- Adult & Youth Training Course - Law Enforcement Training - Public & Private Shooting Lane - Full-Service Pro Shop - Exclusive Member Restaurant - 24/7 Fitness Center - Versatile Event Space - Spacious Meeting Room



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