Things Women Need to Know When Buying a Handgun

3 Things Women Need to Know When Buying a Handgun

By Tim Pirruccello, CCW Program Director & Lead Instructor

As 88 Tactical’s Concealed Carry (CCW) Program Director, I get a lot of requests for firearm recommendations. One frequently asked questions is, “What type of handgun do you recommend for women?”

3 Things Women Need to Know When Buying a Handgun

Size matters

Do not choose the smallest one you see because you are petite or have small hands. It’s not that simple. Most people assume that small guns are easier to handle, but that’s not the case.

Many customers purchase a sub-compact (small) pistol as their first gun, and end up regretting it. Why? Smaller pistols are more difficult to shoot because they have more felt recoil than a large-frame pistol. Also, learning basic marksmanship is substantially easier on a larger handgun. The bigger frame allows for a proper grip, and a larger sight radius (longer distance between sights) increases accuracy.

It’s important to balance size and concealment. Carrying a full-frame pistol on your body is often unrealistic, but carrying it in your purse is an option. If you do choose to carry on your body, a compact pistol is much more practical.

Stick to a manageable caliber

Many customers also believe that using a large-caliber round can stop a threat with one shot. The police regularly report that when an assailant is shot with one round, there is little to no effect. The best way to stop a threat is for the pistol handler to put multiple rounds into the upper-thoracic region of the assailant’s body.

When it comes to caliber, I recommend 9mm handguns. This is a reasonably manageable round, and is less expensive to shoot, which leads to more training. In 88 Tactical’s Intro to Handgun, CCW and Handgun Level 1 classes, the other instructors and I focus on teaching students the fundamentals, which include how to properly and safely handle your firearm, and how to utilize it for self-defense.

Test it out before you commit

The best way to find the right handgun is to come into the store. Figure out which type of pistol fits your hand best, and test it on the range before making your decision.

At 88 Tactical’s Range & Readiness Center, we have a large selection of rental handguns to choose from. Don’t be afraid to take your time, you may make multiple trips to the gun store and range before you find the right pistol.


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