Metro Students Learn School Safety at 88 Tactical

Metro Students Learn School Safety

By: Anastasia Champ, WOWT Channel 6 News


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — In light of recent news of school shootings, more than a dozen students learned how to prevent and protect themselves in case of an active shooter situation at school.

The day started in a classroom setting. Students were taught the basics of protecting themselves in case it happens to them.

It moved along then to hands on training with evading, hiding and fighting.

They were all simulations, but adrenaline was still pumping through the kids.

“I learned a lot, and after all the stuff I’ve seen on the news when I was watching it with my mom and dad, I was scared that it might happen at my school,” third grader Jacob Buck said.

About 13 total students attended 88 Tactical’s school safety course. One key theme taught throughout the entire course was compassion and strength.

“When we bring in the bullying aspect into it, if we can have these kids be more compassionate and demonstrate compassion in their schools and that compassion starts to spread out a little bit, we may in fact avoid creating the person that wants to come and hurt them,” 88 Tactical director of training Kurt Sorys said.

From a classroom to hands-on training, the kids learned meaningful tactics like how to use every day classroom items to deter a shooter.

Albeit fun exercises, the students understand the importance of preparation.

“Some people in my class, they won’t know what to do and just hope they won’t come in and see us and start shooting or killing,” fifth grader Caden Holt said.

The material was easy to ingest, too. Many of the kids said not only will they be able to remember the tactics in the future, but they’ll also be able to teach their friends.

“If I knew this stuff and I didn’t tell them and this happens at our school and I’m the only person who will respond accordingly and the people I could’ve told end up getting killed, I probably never forgive myself,” seventh grader Joshua Buck said.

Many of the parents who were in attendance tell 6 News they appreciate the course and hope one day schools will offer the training to all students.

88 Tactical does plan to hold more courses in the future. Each course holds about 20 students.

For more information on how to enroll, visit their website.

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