Promoting Wellness & Fun: 88 Tactical Participates in Wellness Festival

Community involvement and promoting wellness have always been at the heart of 88 Tactical’s values. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to participate in the 5th annual Wellness Festival hosted by McGrath North at Lake Zorinsky. This event, aimed at encouraging wellness through engaging activities and interactive experiences, showcased a collaborative effort by various Omaha businesses dedicated to fostering healthier lifestyles. 88 Tactical was proud to be part of this family-friendly occasion, where both children and adults alike had the opportunity to learn, play, and connect.

The festival’s atmosphere buzzed with energy as kids played games and engaged in various challenges and demonstrations with exhibitors. These hands-on activities not only provided entertainment but also underscored the importance of incorporating movement and play into a balanced lifestyle.

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of local mascots that delighted both children and adults. Creighton University’s Billy Bluejay, Stormy from the Omaha Storm Chasers, and Hoot the Owl from Union Omaha Soccer added an extra layer of excitement to the festival. These mascots not only entertained the crowd but also symbolized the spirit of unity and camaraderie that such community events foster.

The Wellness Festival at Lake Zorinsky showcased the power of community unity in promoting wellness in a positive and enjoyable manner. It emphasized the importance of coming together as a society to instill healthy habits from a young age. By providing an environment filled with interactive experiences, challenges, and opportunities for learning, the festival succeeded in making wellness an accessible and appealing concept for children.

Through participation in events like this, businesses like 88 Tactical can play a pivotal role in driving positive change. By prioritizing wellness in ways that are enjoyable and engaging, these events leave a lasting impact on individuals, families, and the community at large.