RDS Low Light Applications Course

RDS low-light firearms training is a specialized training program that focuses on using red dot optics on firearms in low-light or nighttime conditions. Red dot sights are optical aiming devices that project an illuminated red dot onto a lens, aiding shooters in acquiring and engaging targets quickly and accurately. Civilian gun owners who use red dot optics on their firearms and anticipate using them in low-light scenarios should attend this class. Low light shooting with RDS significantly differs from daylight shooting due to reduced lighting, the optical aiming device being washed out, the complexity of shooting techniques, and target identification. In this 3-hour fast-paced class, students will learn various deployment methods for low-light situations.

This is not a beginner’s RDS class. Students should have completed RDS Practical or Defensive Handgun 3 or higher.

  • Handheld flashlight consideration
  • Target identification under low light conditions
  • Drawing from concealment under low-light applications
  • Shooting techniques
  • Light barriers
  • Use of cover and concealment
  • Decision-making
  • Handheld flashlight charged up or fresh batteries
  • Handgun with mounted RDS optic and iron sights: stored in a case unloaded
  • Holster: IWB or OWB
  • Eyes and hearing protection
  • 200 rounds of ammo

Students must be at least 18 years old, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. The student or parent/legal guardian signing the waiver must have a valid government-issued I.D. Must have CCW permit and have successfully completed RDS Practical or Defensive Handgun 3 or higher, or an equivalent level of training.