Rising Interest in Handgun Permits, Active Killer Training

Rising Interest in Handgun Permits, Active Killer Training

By: Sarah Fili, KETV Newswatch 7

In the wake of the Florida school shooting many are looking for ways to be prepared, some in the form of a concealed carry handgun permit. The Nebraska State Patrol said they’ve received more than 9,000 applications for concealed handgun permits in the last year. They’ve received another 6,000 renewal applications in the last year. In total, there are more than 60,500 active permits as of February 2018.

Others are just hoping to learn what to do in an active killer situation, both armed and unarmed.

“Inquiries into that have probably doubled or tripled in the past week,” Trevor Thrasher, who owns 88 Tactical, said.

The company is offering a new school safety class designed to teach people what to do in a mass shooting event. They’re focusing on the “run, hide, fight” plan.

“Times have changed and you have to protect yourself,” Thrasher said. “Children or young adults need to take charge of their own security to a degree, and if nothing else they need to talk to their teacher about what to do.”

Brenda Kunneman got her permit from 88 Tactical.

“With the uncertain times we live in I felt like it was important to carry and just being comfortable around firearms,” she said.

Kunneman said she’s hoping for even more training, including the active threat class.

She plans to enroll her two college aged sons in the classes.

“One of the key things is it builds confidence, you feel prepared, like you’re watching, and able to see if there’s a threat anywhere,” she said.

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