Basic Carbine Level 1 course

Carbine Level 1 builds on the Intro to Carbine course geared toward personal protection shooting. Carbine Level 1 is a basic course that is appropriate for individuals with limited carbine experience and are interested refining their skills and becoming more proficient with the AR-type platform.

Students receive an in-depth lesson on the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, which includes an instructor demonstration followed by student dry-fire practice. Participants head to the range to confirm zero and perform a variety of tactical shooting drills designed to improve carbine/rifle familiarity and marksmanship for self-defense.

All 88 Tactical training courses are built on the core concept of Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning© (RBBC). RBBC was developed from this maxim: “the study of behavior is as important as the study of tactics.” 88 Tactical courses condition an appropriate crisis response that maximizes performance while working with, instead of against, a person’s survival-oriented instincts and intuitions.

The 4-hour course is available at 88 Tactical’s Omaha Training Facility.

  • Zero Confirmation at 25 Yards (Rifles should be zeroed prior to arrival at class)
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Kneeling and standing engagements from 5 to 25 yards
  • Essential Carbine Manipulation Skills: load, unload, immediate action, remedial action
  • Reloads
  • Carbine (AR-15, M-4, or AK) with sling and case
  • Eye and ear protection appropriate for the range
  • 3 magazines with at least one pouch for carry
  • 250 rounds of factory ammunition; no green tip, tracer, or armor piercing
  • Sharpie type marker
  • Spare batteries for any optics and the user manual for the optic
  • Age 16 and above
  • Intro to Carbine or equivalent skill level
  • Valid government ID

Student Testimonials

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