Women’s Defense Seminar

Discover Your Confidence

Learn How to Defend Yourself

Our Women’s Defense Seminar is a 60-minute seminar that introduces students to the basic concepts taught in our Primal Defense training series including the proper self-defense mindset, how to use and build on your instinctive awareness of danger, how to present yourself as a hard target through assertiveness, and how to deter attack with your voice and posture. This presentation provides valuable information and skills and starts you on the path to our Primal Defense series.

  • Mindset and avoiding the victim traps
  • The gift of fear and how to be proactive about awareness
  • Carrying and communicating assertively to avoid the pitfalls of being passive or aggressive
  • Practice using your voice and posture to deter attack

Upcoming Seminar

Join us for our Women’s Defense Seminar. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!

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"I took the primal defense class today and had an amazing experience. Our instructor Shawn and Cindy were awesome at explaining and instructing. I learned some very valuable tools today, but definitely will need to practice so I’m ready for the next class. This class is great for all genders of all skills if you’ve ever thought about signing up you should just do it!"
Kourtney M.