Crime Takedown Day: How To Help Catch The Bad Guys

By: Jenna Jaynes, WOWT Channel 6

WOWT 6 News is teaming up with local law enforcement agencies to try to catch the wanted suspects you’ve seen on TV. All the suspects are also listed on our home page.

If you have information about these suspects, or any other crimes, you’re encouraged to call police.

Omaha Police Officer James Shade said they’re looking for any detailed information you can provide about any of these crimes. He also said your call to Crime Stoppers (402-444-STOP) remains anonymous.

“When you call Crime Stoppers we use encryption so none of your information comes up,” he said. “We will not take your name, we will not take your phone number, so no one ever will have your identity.”

While police are asking for our help, they’re also getting some help from the Department of Justice. On Tuesday, the Omaha City Council approved a grant that provides $270,000 to Omaha Police to work on their cold cases.

Dating back to the 1960s there are about 260 homicide cold cases. With the grant, police are hoping they’ll be able to review cases and find new leads, especially through DNA.

For more information on how this grant will help, click on the link provided to see Brian Mastre’s in-depth story.

With all of these cases, there are a number of victims and families hoping for justice. We spoke with experts at 88 Tactical and asked them how to avoid becoming a victim.

They suggest simply becoming more aware. That includes being more aware of our bank accounts to prevent identity theft, who we hang out with, and even just aware of our surrounding. They said it’s especially important even when we feel safe.

“Park as close to the door as you can,” Devin Crinklaw, a safety expert with 88 Tactical said. “If you see people out in the parking lot that give you a “hinky” feeling, stay inside and ask the security to come escort you out that’s part of their job.”

Crinklaw also has suggestions for ways to stay safe in parking lots. Parking near a street light can help you see any potential threats, so as you approach your car you can scan the area. He also said to put down the phone, and wait until you’re right next to the car to use your remote open.

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