Patrol Designated Marksman

Law enforcement is facing greater challenges than ever before. Whether you are providing security at high-profile events, overseeing crowd control at mass protests, or supplying overwatch protection to guard against an ambush at a crime scene, the ability to gather visual intelligence and provide accurate fire at greater distances is essential.

88 Tactical’s 4-Day Patrol Designated Marksman course is designed to build an officer’s fundamental skills and confidence to observe, contain, and engage threats out to 400 yards while utilizing low power variable optics (LPVO). This course is basic precision shooting training designed primarily for patrol, but equally applicable to SWAT or other Specialized Units such a Fugitive Task Force or Drug Task Force, allowing officers to acquire accuracy for precision shots or proactive observations during critical incidents.

Throughout the 32-hour train-up, officers will learn ballistics, proper equipment selection and setup, deliberate and hasty shooting positions, zeroing, rifle fundamentals with marksmanship, field shooting, field movement, data books and range cards. The Patrol Designated Marksman course also covers advanced topics like ballistic calculations, target identification, low light, qualification, legal and scenario-based field exercises.

  • Rifle nomenclature
  • Internal / External ballistics with environmental factors
  • Ballistic app
  • Ammunition types and preference
  • Target identification
  • Rapid deployment drills and positional platforms
  • Gear selection, proper scope mounting
  • Zeroing – adjusting for elevation and windage
  • Range card and data gathering from mid-range distances
  • Qualification standards and yearly training maintenance
  • Low light applications
  • Scenario-based exercises: Rural movement, High-risk stop/vehicle deployment, bounding, and overwatch
  • 400 rounds of precision rifle ammo (cheap FMJ ammo isn’t recommended) and 400 rounds of practice ammo with 3 magazines
  • Rifle equipped with a variable optic, 4x magnifier or higher
  • Front and rear rifle supports: (bipod / rear bean-bag option)
  • Weapon mounted light (800 lumens or greater recommended)
  • Two chem lights
  • Rifle cleaning kit
  • Rifle sling (2 point – Vickers, VTac or Magpul) and a shooting mat
  • Eye and ear protection, dress for the weather
  • Daily loadout gear (belt, handgun vest)
  • Food/water
  • Callout bag – gear you would typically have during patrol

Must possess current Law Enforcement and/or Military Credentials.

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