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Primal Self Defense

Learn the skills you need to assess danger, set boundaries, and respond effectively to verbal and physical aggression.

When people hear “self-defense course,” they usually imagine physical kicks and strikes to either a punching bag or a person in a padded suit. 88 Tactical’s Primal Self Defense courses will teach you a variety of moves to protect yourself against a physical attack, but the Basic level course focuses on situational awareness and conflict de-escalation. Most people will go their whole lives without getting into a physical altercation with someone, but we’ve all experienced verbal confrontations.

Self Defense Awareness

One of the most underutilized tools of self-defense is situational awareness. If you go anywhere in public, you’ll notice a common theme everywhere you go:

  • most people pay more attention to their phones than anything else around them

Distracted people make easy targets. With increased situational awareness, people can further decrease their chances of being the target of a physical attack. If a confrontation does turn physical, we’ll give you the tools to handle that, too.

88 Tactical Training Courses

All 88 Tactical training courses are built on the core concept of Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning© (RBBC). RBBC was developed from this maxim: “the study of behavior is as important as the study of tactics.” 88 Tactical courses condition an appropriate crisis response that maximizes performance while working with, instead of against, a person’s survival-oriented instincts and intuitions. The quicker you recognize the threat, the more likely you will prevail. The instructors use videos of real-life encounters to help illustrate successful and unsuccessful self-defense techniques.

Training Scenarios

Students get to go through multiple roleplaying scenarios with the instructors to practice their verbal skills at increasing levels of intensity. These scenarios induce stress to make the training as realistic as possible, but students get several repetitions to correctly respond to each situation. After responding effectively to verbal aggression, students learn how to fend off a physical attack using a series of simple strikes and kicks. These moves are put to the test against instructors in protective gear during realistic training scenarios.

Students who want to further their skills can attend the Intermediate level course, which focuses on:

  • defense against ground attacks
  • attacks from behind

The self-defense tactics in the Primal Self Defense courses are all rooted in peoples’ physiological reaction to varying levels of stress and adrenaline. Participants leave Primal Self Defense courses with the skills they need to:

  • assess danger
  • set boundaries
  • respond effectively to verbal and physical aggression

For more information and online registration, check out the Primal Self Defense course pages or civilian training calendar.



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