Civilian Tactical Training

Civilian Tactical Training

Why do civilians need tactical training?

The answer is simple.  At 88 Tactical, we believe that when a crisis occurs, civilians on the scene are the true first responders. Knowing what to do while the Police/EMS are on the way can have a dramatic, positive, and sometimes lifesaving impact on the outcome of an emergency situation. That’s why 88 Tactical is focused on helping individuals, families, EMS workers, and military members develop the confidence and ability to deal with any situation or crisis.


The term tactical is used extensively and most believe it relates to police or military action. In reality, “tactical” is simply a term used to describe an action or plan intended to help someone achieve what they want in a particular situation.

Children going through a fire drill exercise at school is an example of tactical training at their level. With that definition in mind, there is no reason to shy away from “Tactical Training.” Everyone can benefit from 88 Tactical’s Civilian Training courses, it’s just a matter of starting at the appropriate level and advancing from there. 88 Tactical offers many introductory and basic level courses for people who have no previous training experience.


The quality of training and its application in real-world situations is key. All 88 Tactical training courses are built on the core concept of Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning© (RBBC). RBBC was developed from this maxim: “the study of behavior is as important as the study of tactics.” 88 Tactical courses condition an appropriate crisis response that maximizes performance while working with, instead of against, a person’s survival-oriented instincts and intuitions.

88 Tactical recruits and retains the industry’s most experienced instructor cadre from the special operations military, law enforcement, and fire and rescue – many of whom continue to serve today.

What type of civilian tactical training does 88 Tactical offer?

No matter where you’re starting from, 88 Tactical’s proprietary Reality Behavior-Based Conditioning Training Courses will help you develop your skills in a broad range of focus areas, from handling a weapon to responding in a crisis to survival skills. 88 Tactical offers a variety of courses for all ages and experience levels, including Youth Anti-Bully & Anti Abduction, as well as Youth Gun Safety.  A few of the specialized training courses include Active Killer Response, Rappelling, High Threat Vehicle Engagements, TacMed, Survival Skills, SERE and more.

You can take advantage of these Training Courses at a discounted rate when you sign up for a membership today.

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