High Threat Vehicle Engagements - Open Enrollment course

88 Tactical’s High Threat Vehicle Engagements (HTVE) – Open Enrollment course takes the key principles from our Law Enforcement/Military HTVE class and applies them to real-world incidents that anyone might have to face in day to day life. A law enforcement traffic stop gone bad, a carjacking, road rage incident, or parking lot assault involving a conscientious Concealed Handgun Permit holder are remarkably similar in nature, and therefore require a similar tactical response. Those similarities make this course valuable for both law enforcement officers and civilians alike. HTVE will introduce students to firearm self-defensive tactics and techniques to increase survivability in and around vehicles when facing ready and committed subjects.

HTVE Open Enrollment is a one-day, interactive pistol defense course focused on securing personal safety, and protecting the lives of loved ones, in and around vehicles. After an introduction in the classroom, the core learning objectives will be introduced on the live-fire range. This course is held at our outdoor Tekamah Training Facility. Onsite lodging available (bunkhouse and cabins). To make lodging arrangements, please contact our Training Department at training@88tactical.com.

  • Participate in a ballistics demonstration on vehicles using a variety of calibers and ammunition
  • Show threat recognition and situational awareness
  • Use safety and readiness procedures to reduce the chance and severity of a criminal assault
  • Demonstrate how to neutralize a threat, while protecting family members/loved ones in and around vehicles
  • Use non-traditional shooting positions
  • Demonstrate and apply engagements inside a vehicle, exiting, and successfully using the vehicle as a barrier
  • Demonstrate how to control bleeding with a tourniquet
  • Pistol
  • Reliable holster- (No Serpa’s or Vanguards)
  • 3 Pistol Mags/Magazine pouch
  • 250 rounds of pistol ammo
  • Long sleeve shirt and shooting gloves – required due to the risks associated with working around damaged vehicles
  • Dust mask for shooting through glass inside the car (Optional)
  • Hearing and Eye Protection
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Note taking material
  • Snacks/Drinks/Lunch
  • Knee Pads recommended
  • Training tourniquet (Optional)

Students should have an intermediate to advanced skill level with their pistol due to the dynamic nature of the class. The minimum age is 18.